Lesser Nighthawk at Area K, 13 Aug

Mark Holmgren <maholmgren@...>

Lots of Wilson's Phalarope, several Lesser Yellowlegs, but we failed to see any Pectoral or Stilt Sandpipers. However, Dave Hubbard and I watched more than 1000 crows gather along the N side of the E-W runway, then go to roost in what remains of the Los Carneros Wetland just N of Hollister and just E of Los Carneros. We followed a White-tailed Kite to its roost in the mountains or upper foothills of Carneros Creek. (Does anyone know any other roosting localities of kites this post-breeding season?) And, we followed a male and female or juvenile Lesser Nighthawk flying back and forth over Area K from about 7:38 to 8:00 pm. A great place to end the day!

Mark Holmgren, Vice President
San Marcos Foothills Coalition

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