slow messages

Karen Bridgers

Hi all

I posted a message to sbcobirding fairly early this morning, and it has not
appeared in my Inbox yet (it's 4:30-ish now), but it did appear on the
sbcobirding web page quite a bit earlier. This is not the first time this
has happened, and it happens not just to me.

May I suggest that in order to keep up on the current bird sightings, you
check the group home page periodically. (I know there's a message from Nick
Lethaby sitting there, too.) The address is at the bottom of all sbcobirding
messages, or it's at, in case you don't have any
messages to refer to.

I have begun to make checking this page a habit, as I find that sbcobirding
messages are often delayed by hours (or even days).

Karen Bridgers

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