Re: Where is Area K on Goleta Slough?

Florence Sanchez <sanchez@...>

More on parking at UCSB: the right place to park is not on the grass at the
overlook. Campus parking regulations require that one must park within marked
stalls at all times of day. If you park on the grass or even at roadside, you
will get an expensive ticket. I warned a couple of birders about this

I think the EHS lot Mark is referring to is Lot 17, not 14. As he said, after 5
and on weekends, it's unrestricted and the best place to park. If you come
during fee parking hours (6:30-5, Monday through Friday), you must purchase a
permit. Lot 17 does not allow visitors' permits, so the next closest lots that
do are Lot 31 (Facilities Management) and Lot 32 (behind the Police station).
Enjoy Area K while it lasts--the shorebirding is tops right now.

Florence Sanchez

Mark Holmgren wrote:

Hi folks,
The UCSB Overlook of Goleta Slough is often referred to as Area K and
sometimes as the hardpan mudflats. The term Area K comes from a Santa
Barbara Municipal Airport consultant�s document that assigned a letter to
each of the somewhat isolated basins within the estuary so that they could
be mapped, identified, and discussed. Area K is viewed from Mesa Road on
the UCSB campus. Mesa Road is accessible either by driving along the north
edge of campus from the hwy 217 entrance (the East entrance) or from Los
Carneros Road to the west.
To view birds, stand on the UCSB bluff top just south of Goleta Slough. The
bluff top is across the street from UCSB�s Environmental Health and Safety
Building. See the map at the web site below (find the words �Mesa Road�).
The trick is the parking problem. Fortunately, the best viewing times
during the week are also the best times to find parking spots: before 8am
and after 5pm. On weekends parking is legal anytime in the right place.
The right place is Lot 14 just next to the Environmental Health and Safety
Building. Good luck with the Nighthawks.
Want to know why we have Area K, how it was formed?

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