Goose napping?

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I noticed the absence of the Ross's Geese a couple of months or more ago,
along with it seems the other big white geese there. Has anyone seen the big
white geese there at all. I was thinking that someone (maybe the council)
removed these (they're pretty obnoxious) and took the wild Ross's Goose too.

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Hi! This morning in a quick tour around Stow House & Lake Los Carneros, I
had lots of western migrant warblers (Yellow, Wilson's mostly, a
Black-throated Gray), and several Western Tanagers in the lerped eucs. by
the parking lot. On the south side of the footbridge at the lake, a young
Least Bittern was hiding in the reeds. It was calling a lot "yak-yak-yak"
& I had good views.
Great-tailed Grackles w/ young were at the southeast end, but did
notice any Ross's Geese around.
Good birding, Joan

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