Re: Goleta birding, 2 January 2016

Dave Compton

Apologies to Dika, who's name I misspelled. 


On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 3:32 PM, Dave Compton <davcompton60@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I birded around Goleta for several hours this morning and afternoon. I met a few other birders along the way, in particular birding with Guy Tingos and Betsy Moles. Here's what I saw:

RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER: continuing young male at LLC, this morning working the area around the parking lot, in red gums and ficus.

PRAIRIE WARBLER. In the usual areas, although maybe moving a little farther east at times. Guy, Betsy, Dinka Golovatchoff, and a couple of others watched the bird for some time.

TENNESSEE WARBLER. A continuing bird at David Love Place, as reported two days ago. Seen with Guy and Besty.

TUFTED DUCK. Continuing male seen from the same location where reported Saturday during the CBC, from the Fowler Rd bridge over San Pedro Creek, near the overlook at the east end of the main runway at SBA.

COMMON GOLDENEYE. Two females on San Pedro Creek, seen from Fowler Rd.

BLUE-WINGED TEAL. Three with the goldeneyes.

SNOW GOOSE. 2 at Storke Field, UCSB.

CACKLING GOOSE. 1 at Storke Field, UCSB.

EURASIAN WIGEON. Continuing pair at Devereux.

CANVASBACK. 2 males at Devereux. 

LAUGHING GULL. At the west end of the beach, very near the far parking lot. You can walk right up to it and photograph it with your phone.

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