Santa Ynez River estuary

Dave Compton

I birded the Santa Ynez River estuary this morning, spending nearly 2 hours in the park, most of which I spent just west of the RR tracks, looking through the gulls on the beach. The flock on the beach was only about 80 birds when I arrived just after 9am (at low tide), and it stayed at 70+ the whole time I was there. Conditions are difficult because you're so far from the flock. There were several adult Herring Gulls in the flock,but it wasn't that obvious that they had pale eyes. I found what I at first thought was a good candidate for the Lesser Black-backed Gull, but couldn't refind the bird after a reshuffle of the flock. 

Not much of interest around. A flock of 27 Greater Yellowlegs was a pretty high winter count. 

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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