Curlew Sandpiper in Santa Barbara

Guy Tingos <gtingos@...>

An adult Curlew Sandpiper in almost full breeding plumage was found late
yesterday at the Goleta Sewage Treatment Plant. The bird was still
present this morning, but is quite skittish. The treatment plant is on
William Moffet Place at the south end of Fairview Avenue, across from the
Santa Barbara airport. Please park by the Administration Building, check in
at the office, and sign their log book before proceeding to the ponds.
There are only 2 small ponds with water and the bird has been moving
between the two. This facility has been very gracious in providing
access; please act appropriately.

The Fairview Avenue off-ramp from Highway 101 southbound is closed due to
construction, so you'll need to take an alternative route if coming from
the north.

This is only the second county record for this bird. Please call Karen
Bridgers at 964-1316 with updates.

Guy Tingos
Santa Barbara, CA

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