Mystery Duck

Jake Broad

Good morning all

Today I had to briefly go to my work at the Goleta Sanitary District. When I was finished I decided to swing by the lagoons and an unusual duck immediately caught my eye. Thankfully I had my camera and was able to snap some photos. 

I first saw the bird on land and it appeared to be a little larger than the mallards. Most striking was its white breast. It had a dark body and dark head but the white breast continued up the neck and around the bill. I thought it might be a northern pintail but some features don't match. Its head is splotchy with a white streak behind its eye and an apparent broken white eye ring, possibly transitioning plumage? I've gone through a couple field guides but I can't identify it. Please find the link below to view some images of it, let me know what you all think. Thank you.

If the bird does turn out to be something noteworthy please remember that the district is not open to the public until tomorrow morning.


Jake Broad
Goleta & Santa Barbara

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