Re: Northern Pygmy Owl - Romero Canyon

John Callender

Following up to the list because my private correspondence with Mark was too good not to share.

I was with Curtis Marantz and Larry Ballard coming down the trail a little ways ahead of Mark and his companion. When we passed through the big trees in the creek bottom Curtis tried calling a Northern Pygmy Owl by imitating its hooting. After a few minutes he gave up and we kept walking. So I wondered: If Mark had identified the owl by ear, was it possible he'd heard Curtis rather than an actual owl?

I emailed Mark to mention the possibility, but the joke was on me: He'd identified the owl visually. He'd seen us ahead of him on the trail, and just as we departed the area an owl flew in behind us and landed in a tree. Mark called "owl!" to us, but we didn't hear him and kept walking. He got a documentation photo that he sent me; that owl was adorable. I wish I'd stayed to see it! :-)

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Went up the Romero Canyon fire road yesterday late afternoon but missed the Broad-winged Hawks, but on the way out did encounter a Northern Pygmy Owl after 6:00 pm just a couple hundred yards up the trail.

Mark Bright, Santa Barbara

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