Mountain Plover, etc

Hugh Ranson

I had jury duty this morning but wasn't required to stay, so that freed up some
unexpected time for birding and dragonflying. First stop was Elings Park, which
was dull. After the courthouse I went down to the mouth of Carpinteria Creek. No
plover at the creek, so I walked west with no success. Back near the creek mouth
I met the Thorntons, and we found the bird, at noon, a few hundred yards east of
the creek, just past the lifeguard headquarters building. Unfortunately we only
had a few minutes with the bird before it was flushed by a heedless youth. It
flew east and I lost sight of it. The beach was beginning to fill with people
at this time. I gather others searched for the bird soon after without success.
Perhaps an early morning visit would be worthwhile.

The Carpinteria tams had a few western migrants and a Greater White-fronted
Goose was on the driving range. Seaside Nursery was quiet birdwise, but there
was a Rambur's Forktail on the pond. The SB Bird Refuge held over 70 Snowy
Egrets and one Blue-winged Teal. I wonder why the refuge is no longer a
kingbird magnet as it was in past years; there are certainly enough dragonflies
for them to feast upon. Lastly, I paid a quick visit to Bohnett Park, which was

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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