Re: Palm Warblers at Elings Park

Peter Gaede

I visited the top of Elings Park with Conor and Julie Scotland this afternoon. Both birds were present again, in the same general area as reported by Hugh yesterday. At one point they were hanging pretty close to each other, foraging together in the same fennel plant. 

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

On Oct 14, 2017, at 4:34 PM, zonetail@... [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply@...> wrote:

There are 2 Palm Warblers at Elings Park. They were mostly in fennel around the
stone bench, north of the paraglider take off spot. They were, however, quite
mobile, and the last I saw of them they were several hundred yards directly
east, near the houses on the eastern border. Also present was a Horned Lark.

Hugh Ranson

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