Re: Orchard Oriole at Santa Monica Creek, Carpinteria

John Callender

To clarify: It was an adult male.

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 10:08 AM, John Callender <callender.john@...> wrote:
I birded the Santa Monica Creek bikepath and trail this morning (that is, the bike path between Via Real to El Carro, and the dirt path between El Carro and Foothill). In the prominent patch of orange flowers on the west side of the creek just south of the footbridge (where we've had a wintering Rufous Hummingbird in years past) I had good views of a male Orchard Oriole. I watched it for a few minutes, then missed seeing it fly away because I was fumbling to try to digiscope a photo through my binoculars.

Map of the location is here:

eBird list is here:


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