Re: Male Orchard Oriole in Carpinteria

John Callender

Saw the bird again this evening around 6:05 p.m. It was in the same place, perched atop the orange-red flower bushes on the west side of the channelized creek. I took a (fuzzy and not really helpful) photo with my phone and binoculars; you can see it, such as it is, at the ebird listing:

Both times I've seen the bird I've come upon it the same way: I've stood in front of the bushes for a while checking out Rufous/Allen's Hummingbirds without seeing it, walked south along the bike path out of the immediate area, then have seen the oriole perched prominently in the top of the bushes as I've returned. It makes me wonder if it's a little shy, such that it might best be seen by setting up a short distance away from the bushes rather than right next to them.

Easiest access to the location is probably by parking at the west end of El Carro Lane in Carpinteria, then entering the bike path next to the creek and walking south. The orange flowers start just south of the footbridge over the creek.


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A. O'Loghlen and I are getting excellent looks here: 34.40629 -119.52815
He's on the W side of Santa Monica Creek on a long row of reddish-orange flowering ornamental shrubs. We are standing on the bike path looking west midway between via Real and El Carro Lane.


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