Guadalupe Golden-plovers

Marge and Don Thornton

Following up on Mark Holmgren's post we visited Jack O'Connell Park Wednesday morning.  In addition to the plentiful and widely distributed Killdeer and Brewer's Blackbirds, there was a sizable plover flock foraging near the football field.  Closer inspection revealed that there were at least 3 Golden-plovers in with the 10-15 Black-bellied Plovers. The beautiful yellow wash on the face and the short extension of the wingtips past the tail seem to go with Pacific Golden-plover.  These were certainly the birds that Mark saw.  Something, perhaps a hawk that we didn't see, set the flock off and they flew around a large circle before settling back in. As we were taking pics at the time we managed a couple of flight shots.

On the way back to Goleta, we found the Cackling Geese at Refugio.  The two birds are very close in size, despite the difference in breast color.

Marge and Don Thornton
Goleta, Ca

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