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Karen Bridgers <kbridgers@...>

Late-breaking information from the sewage plant is as follows:

There will be no access on Sundays.
The plant has agreed to be open for birders THIS SATURDAY (8/14) ONLY, from
9-4, which is a great deal if the bird is still there.

Also, you can park near the administration building, or they are going to
rope off a parking area further east, near the heavy equipment storage area.
(This is closer to the ponds, but remember that you need to sign in at the
office first anyway.)

Also, they have asked that birders do not walk on the road at the eastern
edge of the ponds (where the fence is bordered by the creek, directly across
from the entrance to the pond area).

These are minor considerations given the generosity of the personnel at the
plant, so please honor these requests.

Thank you.

Karen Bridgers

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