Carpinteria Salt Marsh (restricted access) trip Saturday, 11/18 at 8:00 a.m.

John Callender

Tomorrow (Saturday, 11/18) I'll be leading a group of mostly-beginner birdwatchers into the restricted-access western portion of the Carpinteria salt marsh, starting at Estero Way off Carpinteria Avenue. I'm expecting as many as 20 attendees, and it would be great to have additional help (and additional spotting scopes for sharing views) if any experienced birdwatchers would like to participate.

It's a great spot if you haven't birded there before (or even if you have). Here's the list Eve Martin and I had at the same location yesterday:

We'll be meeting at the south end of Estero Way tomorrow morning at 8:00. Thanks.

John Callender

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