Bay-breast photos

Hugh Ranson

Many thanks to Eric for finding yet another great SB County bird. Perhaps not of
the Gray Hawk/White Ibis quality, but a bird that has eluded me in the county
for 36 years.

This was a tough bird to photograph--usually high in the oak, obscured by
foliage, in shade, looking right into the sun, etc. These photos are untouched
save being cropped. This appears to be a first-fall female. Some good
Bay-breast features to separate from Blackpoll include the lack of any
streaking below, the all dark legs and feet, the buffy wash on the sides and
vent, the fairly indistinct face pattern, the contrasty wing bars, the pink
base to the lower mandible , and lack of yellow on the breast. Pine Warbler
would show a longer tail and a more robust bill

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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