Figueroa Mountain highlights

Thomas Turner <tomleeturner@...>

I escaped the bad air by camping up on Figueroa Mountain, where the air is delightful. It is totally clear at the summit, and only slightly smokey at lower elevations. 

Here are a few birding highlights:

VARIED THRUSH — At least two on Davy Brown Trail in Fir Canyon
PACIFIC WREN — At least two on Davy Brown Trail in Fir Canyon
PRARIE FALCON — One had just caught a Stellar’s Jay when I arrived at the Davy Brown trailhead. 

Pictures from of those birds at:

GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET — There were 3 at the summit and 3 more on the road that leads to the Cumbre Picnic Area near the summit. Lists from Pino Alto Road and the summit are here:

MOUNTAIN QUAIL — These were abundant. They crossed Pino Alto Road twice on my walk up to the top. I saw two coveys with about 10 each feeding on Catway Road on Friday evening, and saw more there Saturday morning. Some pictures I managed as the light was failing here:

BROWN CREEPER — As already mentioned, quite a good year from these. My lists for Pino Alto Road, the picnic areas, and the summit totaled 10 birds. More were seen in Fir Canyon and at Ranger Peak. 

I slept on Catway Friday night, and heard Pygmy Owl, Barn Owl, and two Great Horned Owls. 

I failed to find Peter’s Williamson’s Sapsucker or the Red-Naped that Maggie and I found a couple weeks ago. 

There are more lists on eBird if anyone wants to see them. 


Goleta, CA

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