Re: Le Conte's Sparrow at Bird Refuge

Dave Compton

For those not versed in Santa Barbara bird locations, the "Bird Refuge" refers to the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, on the east side of Santa Barbara, near Montecito. It's just southeast of the intersection of Cabrillo Blvd and US 101. 

The parking lot is on the north side of the refuge, about 100 meters west of Cabrillo Blvd. For the location of the bird, it was originally on either side of the opening in the vegetation at the waters edge, just below the parking lot. Later it moved around in area to the west by 40-50 meters. Note that, in Santa Barbara, "west" does not mean toward the ocean, which is to the south. So the refuge is on the ocean side (south) of the freeway.

This bird stays low in the vegetation and on the ground, but occasionally perches up to provide good views. It would be a difficult job for one person to find it.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 2:53 PM, John Sterling <jsterling@...> wrote:
Which refuge?  Not sure I know this location. 

On Dec 10, 2017, at 2:34 PM, Dave Compton davcompton60@... [sbcobirding] <> wrote:


The bird is being seen off and on,as of 2:30, now about 40 meters west of the clearing near the parking lot. Best to look for this one with a group!

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara 

On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 12:04 PM zonetail@... [sbcobirding] <> wrote:

About an hour ago in the tules immediately west of the parking lot. It flew to
the tules to the east, but I believe it flew back to the original spot. No
photos yet.

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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