Lucy's Warbler continues in Carpinteria; Padaro Lane Blackburnian inaccessible

John Callender

This morning Eve Martin and I tried to visit Padaro Lane to look for the Blackburnian Warbler, but were stymied by the road closure currently in place at the railroad tracks. We tried parking outside (at Padaro Beach) and walking in, but the police officer at the closure told us that even on foot we weren't allowed to enter, since access was limited to residents only. I've heard that the 101 freeway might be reopening as early as Monday; if that happens hopefully the road closure on Padaro Lane will be relaxed.

As a consolation prize we visited the parking lot behind the LDS church on Linden Avenue in Carpinteria and the nearby Franklin Park, and were rewarded by brief views of the continuing Lucy's Warbler (seen on the west side of the Franklin Creek channel, working its way north through the tree canopies).

Other highlights were two Black-throated Gray Warblers and a female Wilson's Warbler (with a possible second Wilson's Warbler calling but not seen).

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John Callender

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