Unique warbler

Jake Broad

Good morning all

Last night I was going through some photos I took last weekend when I came across a strange warbler. At the time I thought it was a Wilson’s warbler but looking at the photos the facial markings don’t match anything I’ve read or seen in my field guides. In fact I’ve gone through all my warblers and finches and can’t ID the bird. 

It certainly behaved like a warbler working it’s way through a eucalyptus. The underside was yellow with grey tail feathers. From above mostly yellow with grey at the tips of wings and tail. The main feature that’s throwing me off is the black “cap” is wide and extends all the way to the bill and even below it onto the chin. 

Please find the link below if you’d like to take a look, the photos aren’t the best, the bird was constantly moving and darting behind leaves but the described features can be seen. Observed in Goleta between the airport and sanitary district. 

Thank you for any input


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