Re: birding this a.m. -- missing Pine Warbler, etc.

John Callender

A trick I’ve sometimes been able to use to see the Yellow-crowned Night Herons without walking south on Sandyland Cove Road (which, as you say, is a private road where birders officially don’t have access) is to use a spotting scope from the area of the footbridge over Franklin Creek. From either end of that footbridge (which you can reach via the public trail that leads through the marsh from Ash Avenue) you have a distant view of the white-railed vehicle bridge at the south end of Sandyland Cove Road. Sometimes (maybe about half the times I’ve checked) one of the Yellow-crowned Night Herons (which usually hang out near that vehicle bridge) is actually perched on the bridge itself, and hence is visible. It’s far enough away that I haven’t been able to identify them using binoculars, but with a scope you can get enough magnification to reveal the face pattern, at least if the bird is one of the adult or adult-ish birds.

Worth a try, at least.


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Hi All:

Santiago Lupi, a new young birder in town, and I went out to look for the Pine Warbler at the S.B. Cemetery.  We missed it, but gave it a 1.5 hour try.  I see that John Calendar saw it after we left.  
Then we went to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park, where we had nice views of two adult Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (see The area where the Night-Herons hang out is basically restricted access.
On Friday, Libby Patten and I looked for the Tufted Duck at Lauro Reservoir with no luck.
Good birding!
Joan Lentz

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