White-faced Ibis at Kim’s Market pond in Carpinteria

John Callender

Eric Culbertson found a White-faced Ibis this afternoon in the pond next to Kim’s Market on Via Real in Carpinteria. The bird was feeding in the patch of green vegetation in the northwest corner of the pond, and was visible off and on as it ducked down into the vegetation, then popped up again.

It’s kind of a weird little spot; just a concrete-lined flood basin right next to a busy road and the 101 freeway. It’s hard to see into it because of the wall that separates it from the sidewalk along Via Real, but there are spots at either end of the wall where you can peak through the fence.

Sharing the pond with it were a bunch of coots as well as Gadwall, American Wigeon, and a male Ring-necked Duck.


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