Interesting owl-like vocalizations, San Miguelito Rd at Vandenberg

John Callender

This afternoon I birded at the end of the public-access portion of San Miguelito Road, where it reaches the edge of Vandenberg AFB ( I returned to my car as it was getting dark, and heard what sounded like a series of widely spaced single hoots from two different individuals, one slightly higher pitched than the other. So far the closest possibility I've been able to find is Long-eared Owl, which I realize would be unusual.

I made a recording with my iPhone in hopes someone with more experience might weigh in; you can hear it (such as it is) at the following eBird list:

You'll have to ignore a lot of things in the recording: Great Horned Owls, Wrentits, crickets, cows... The interesting parts are the widely spaced single hoots, which are barely audible. The higher-pitched ones are easier to pick out, but a few of the lower-pitched ones are detectible if you work at it.

I'm curious what people think. Thanks!

John Callender

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