Black-and-white Warbler and 8 Western Kingbirds at Carp Creek and Estuary today

John Callender

I had a fun morning at Carpinteria Creek today. The bird I was most excited about was a male Black-and-white Warbler foraging in the large sycamore near the east end of the 8th Street footbridge, where Eve Martin has reported seeing the bird before, most recently on March 20.

Other fun birds:

* 2 Pacific-slope Flycatchers
* 3 Bullock's Orioles
* 1 Hooded Oriole
* 8 Western Kingbirds

The Western Kingbirds were all on the beach on either side of the Carpinteria Creek estuary, perched on logs and other flotsam that had come down the creek in the storm.


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