Refugio Road

Marge and Don Thornton

This morning we walked a bit of the road from the narrow one lane section down to the rock face when the Barn owl sometimes hangs out.  Between Jeep tour groups and many large black Mercedes busses, we manage to see a few birds. Of interest was a Lazuli bunting at the top of an old sycamore, a warbling vireo and a pac-slope flycatcher.  The real surprise was the all red bird of oriole size that flew across the road and over the avocado orchard on the west side of the road.  Since we did not get a picture, our claim of a Summer Tanager is a bit weak, but if you are up that way, keep eyes and ears open.  The coordinates were:  34.49919,-120.066364.

Good Birding
Marge and Don Thornton
Goleta, Ca

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