Goleta birds, Wednesday

Hugh Ranson

I spent 10 hours birding Goleta today, all on bike and on foot. I left my house
on the Westside of SB at 7:10 and returned at 5:30. I travelled a total of 48
miles and saw or heard 128 species. During the morning there seemed to be
Vaux's Swifts overhead most of the time. Surprisingly, there were no migrant
warblers found besides Yellow and Wilson's. Here are some highlights:

Farren Road: Purple Martin (2), Phainopepla (4), Raven (1), Common Ground Dove
(1), and a Brown Pelican that circled the reservoir than landed on the concrete

Winchester Canyon: Costa's Hummingbird (1), Pine Siskin (several), Cassin's
Vireo (1)

Ellwood: Chestnut-backed Chickadee (2)

Devereux: Greater Scaup-- continuing male, Greater White-fronted Goose (1),
Western Wood-pewee (1)

UCSB Area K: Bank Swallow (1 or more)

Campus Point: Wandering Tattler (1); Black Turnstone (1); Dunlin -- 26 roosting
on the rocks with Sanderling. A separate pure flock of 40+ Dunlin flew by the
point; impressive numbers of Elegant Terns flying around and roosting on Goleta
Beach; a steady stream of Pacific Loons heading east, along with smaller numbers
of Brant.

Goleta Sanitary District: Bonaparte's Gull (14), Fulvous Whistling Duck (the
one), Blue-winged Teal (2 males and 2 presumed females).

Goleta Beach: Bufflehead (1 female), Little Blue Heron.

I'm probably missing something, but I'm tired.

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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