Botanic Garden today

Florence Sanchez

I got up at 3:45 a.m. today to do the annual Migration Day count at the Botanic Garden.  I was glad that it was clear, though it surely meant that lingering migrants from the deluge early in the week probably had moved on.  I had a fruitless half-hour of owling before it began to get light.

When I started hiking the trails, I got a Costa's Hummingbird early on and took that as a good omen for the rest of the day.  Wrong!  It was generally fairly quiet everywhere most of the morning and some species that I expected to find didn't show (Cliff Swallows, for example).  I ended up with about 47 species total, which is around average for this count.

I had one pocket with good stuff in it near the employee houses:  2 Western Tanagers, one year-old male Bullock's Oriole, a Warbling Vireo, 3 Swainson's Thrushes, and 1 Wilson's Warbler. I got other Wilson's Warblers in the Garden for a total of 5 for the day, but I had to work for them.  I heard one other Warbling Vireo in the creek below the dam.  There were no other Swainson's Thrushes in the main Canyon until I got to the very end of the Garden property opposite the point where Las Canoas Road meets Mission Canyon, where I found 2 more.  I heard one call from an Olive-sided Flycatcher well above the dam.  I was in another part of the Garden at the time; when I got to that area later, I did not see or hear it again.  That was kind of it for migrants.

Black Phoebe's are nesting in the information kiosk next to the Meadow pool.  I had a Hutton's Vireo feeding 2 fledglings in the Canyon.

Someone mentioned trying to get a County total on eBird for migration Day.  I don't eBird, but if someone wants to post my list for me, I will get you the list in the general format that I've noticed they use.  However, apart from the Costa's Hummingbird, I don't think I found anything that someone else didn't turn up.  It was that kind of day.

Florence Sanchez

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