Purple Martins in and around Nojoqui Park

Glenn Kincaid

This morning Adrian O’loghlen and I made the rounds to check on the progress of Purple Martins in the known nesting sites in Santa Barbara County.

At Nojoqui Falls Park we saw at least 5 Purple Martins. There was one female in a cavity near Alisal Road. (There was also a recently fledged American Kestrel at the park)

In the large Sycamore tree in the center of the field on the N side of Alisal Rd, approx .3 miles east of the park, we saw at least 10 Martins, with four or more cavities being visited.

At the entrance to Alisal Ranch, we saw at least 4 Purple Martins, all airborne.

Glenn Kincaid
Santa Barbara

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