Best way to update your "sbcobirding" email address

Wim van Dam

If you want to change the email address for your sbcobirding membership, here is the best way to do so:
(1) Using your old address, log in to
(2) In the top right corner, select your name, and go to "Account"
(3) Now use the "Change Email" option on your Account\Login page

By changing your address the above way, your old posts will remain associated with your new address. If, instead, you create a whole new account for your new address, there is no connection between your old posts and your new address: it's as if there are two "You"s on sbcobirding.

The above method is also useful if you ended up with more than one sbcobirding account (like Nick L, Mark H, Libby L, etc): if you change your old address into your new, already active, address, you get to merge your old account into your current one. 

Let me know if there are any questions about this, I'd be happy to help.


Wim van Dam 
Solvang, CA
SBCO #377+3: Least Bittern

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