Does this look like a Lesser Yellowlegs?

John Callender

This morning I went looking for the Cattle Egret Glenn Kincaid found at Devereaux Slough yesterday. I was unsuccessful, though there were lots of other interesting birds, including a Greater White-fronted Goose that was associating with a large flock of Canada Geese. Details (and poor photos) here:

My main reason for posting, though, is to ask for opinions on the yellowlegs I saw when I continued south and birded at Coal Oil Point. The bird was in the slough channel near its south end where it curves to the west; I had distant views from the trail above near the parking area. I want to say it was a Lesser Yellowlegs; the beak looked straight to me, and short relative to the head, and the bird's overall size maybe seemed smallish compared to a nearby Marbled Godwit. I'd appreciate hearing any opinions people have based on the (again, poor) photos here:


John Callender

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