Teals & a goose

Jake Broad

Hi all

Yesterday at the Goleta Sanitary District I spent my morning & afternoon breaks plus my lunch birding the grounds. I managed to ID 35 different species. 2 notable.

There are definitely some blue winged teals at the district, 4 unmistakable males and I assume there are some females with them. They arrived mid-late August. I was unaware that their presence is rare in the summer otherwise I would have made a better arrival observation.

There was also 1 greater white fronted goose. I’m guessing that it’s the one that has stuck around Devereux this summer. It was a bit of a funny sighting as a flock of Canada geese caught my attention flying out while honking and the white fronted was in formation with them bringing up the rear.

Otherwise I spotted for the first time an American avocet and a Wilson’s snipe.

Red necked phalaropes have been increasing their numbers there as I counted 16 in the water.

Tips if you’re going to visit: bring a scope or good binoculars and come later in the day because it’s very backlit in the morning which makes IDs more difficult. The near side of the lagoons are over run with mallards. All of the species above were found on the far side (restricted) or north side. The north side has developed a small mudflat where some peeps and other pipers have been.

I submitted a complete checklist to ebird this morning.

Cheers and happy Labor Day weekend

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