Northern Waterthrush, White-winged Dove at Carpinteria Creek this morning

John Callender

I had some fun birds along Carpinteria Creek this morning, birding from the 8th Street bridge to the ocean and back. The most exciting birds were just north of the wastewater treatment plant (south of 6th Street): a White-winged Dove that perched in the top of a tall sycamore for several minutes before flying east, and later, on my way back, a Northern Waterthrush foraging in a puddle in the creek (and a number of other birds bathing) at the same location.

I felt bad, because just before I saw the White-winged Dove I met and spoke with another birder who was just finishing up birding the creek north of 6th Street, and told him I hadn't seen anything unusual.

Also kind of unusual: As I was driving home I saw a flock of 11 American White Pelicans flying west over Carpinteria.

Lists (no photos, unfortunately) here:

John Callender

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