Birds Refugio

Dika Golovatchoff

I drove out to Refugio this morning in overcast though it cleared up after a while.  Along the creek under bridge to campground were quite a few house sparrows, house finches, a lovely song sparrow.  A couple of warblers flitted around but I was only able to get photos of one in some branches overlooking.  It's the non-descript color of an orange-crowned but the tail seems too long - and the wing bars fairly pronounced for that species.

A Kingbird perched on a wire which looks like an immature bird - and I remember seeing the tropical kingbird there around this time of year. It was not vocalizing.  There were also quite a few Eurasian collared doves on the were and a Mourning dove in the creek.

Nothing of interest on the bit of beach I saw, and there were two juvenile Black-crowned night herons in the creek. 

Getting back to my car I was delighted to find 4 Western Bluebirds perching on the wire and a Lark Sparrow across the road.  I drove to the spot between the two creeks and explored a bit without seeing or hearing a single bird.

A couple of miles further (where I've seen canyon wrens on the large boulders with holes in them) I heard and saw a Nuttall's woodpecker and heard a couple of Acorn Woodpeckers and Wrentits on the right side of the road.  There was a small warbler in the dense overhanging branches but I was not able to focus on it.

I'd be happy for an ID on the Kingbird and the warbler in the photos:
Dika Golovatchoff, santa barbara

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