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Peter Gaede

Thanks for the post, Joan. 

I checked the creek briefly around 4PM. No Vermilion Flycatcher, but I did hear the Northern Waterthrush calling from across the creek at 6th Street. I think good things are possible at this location this fall. The creek is now more open, and there are lots of insects present over the saturated soil along the creekbed.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

On Sep 7, 2018, at 3:48 PM, Joan Lentz <joanlentz@...> wrote:

Hi All:  Larry Ballard and I started out looking for the Northern Waterthrush that John Callendar had here yesterday.  No luck on the waterthrush, but a very lost immature Vermilion Flycatcher was down catching insects in the mud, using the logs as a perch, right opposite the sewage treatment plant!  I attach the list and some rather poor photos that at least show how this plumage looks in this species.  At first, I had no idea what I was looking at, to be honest.  Larry called it.  
Point being:  get out birding, because the turn-over is constant at these places we call vagrant traps:  Carp tams, Carp Creek, end of Coronado Dr., Refugio State Beach, Miguelito Park in Lompoc & so on.  
This fall let’s prove to ourselves that we can find as many fall vagrants as they used to “in the good ole days”, and by that I mean constant coverage of key places for migrants. That includes shorebird spots, like the Bird Refuge (also great for landbirds), East Beach outfall, Goleta Beach, Coal Oil Pt., Ocean Beach County Park.  
If you have a chance, go birding every day (peak times Sept 15-Oct. 15), and if it’s foggy, or even windy (north wind), chances are excellent for new birds.  What you don’t want is calm, sunny weather!
Let’s go for it! (excuse the lecture, but hey, some people might not know this).
Oh, and I forgot that Larry and I met a nice new birder today:  Amy Plasket (?) on the Eighth Street Bridge.  There are so many new birders out there now — let’s welcome them & help them as much as we can!

Joan Lentz

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