Warblers, Elings Park

Hugh Ranson

I went to Elings Park this evening. The light was poor and the fog was swirling.
It seemed very quiet until I saw 3 distant warblers in the same fennel clump.
All were what I assumed to be Nashville Warblers. They soon dispersed, but not
before I got slightly better looks. All were very drab, the brightest areas
being the yellow undertails and the white eyerings. One had a yellow wash
across the chest, but I couldn't make out any yellow on the others. I've been
fooled by dull Nashville Warblers before, so I hesitate to say these were not
Nashville's especially because of the poor viewing conditions. Which is a
longwinded way of saying there could be Virginia's Warblers up there. They were
close to the green water tank, just east of the paragliding take off area.

Other birds up there were Lark Sparrow and Say's Phoebe. There were two large
flocks of bushtits feeding in the fennel, indicating there is a good food

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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