Robert Lindsay

Saturday, 9/8, 9:30 am


The Ovenbird made another very rewarding appearance at the previously reported spot and was out hopping on the road leading through the eucalyptus grove about 150 yards east of the car wash. It spends a lot of time in thick vegetation bordering this area but will come out at times for those patient enough to stay.


The Coronado Seep was less rewarding. An hour of observation turned up no more than a California Towhee and a few California Scrub Jays.._The viewing area has become quite overgrown but the is one decent window from which to view the puddle.


The first Devereux pull-out,was as dry and birdless as I've ever seen it..Oceanward from the second pull-out (bridge to nowhere) were five Phalaropes but too far away to ID to species without a scope. Nothing else of interest.


That's all,

Rob Lindsay_,_

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