Carpinteria Creek this A.M.: American Redstart, Northern Waterthrush, Tennessee Warbler

John Callender

The part of Carpinteria Creek opposite the north end of the wastewater treatment plant (south of 6th Street) had several rarities this morning. Alerted by Peter Gaede that he had seen an American Redstart there, I was able to get good, though brief, views of that bird, as well as extended looks at the continuing Northern Waterthrush and a Tennessee Warbler.

The easiest way to access this spot is to park at the east end of 6th Street, across from the Lou Grant preschool, then walk south through the small grassy field west of the creek to the north end of the wastewater treatment plant. At that point you can duck through the willows to access a concrete ledge that runs south along the west bank of the creek next to the treatment plant fence. From the ledge you have good views of the creek channel, as well as the willows and larger trees on the east bank of the creek.

John Callender

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