Carpinteria Creek and beach this morning

John Callender

I had a fun outing with Robert Hofberg this morning along the lower portion of Carpinteria Creek (south of 6th Street), including the lagoon and a little bit of the beach east of there. Highlights were:

* Continuing Northern Waterthrush and Tennessee Warbler, both spotted by Rob at the same place they've previously been seen (in the creekbed next to the northeast corner of the wastewater treatment plant). Interestingly, that spot seemed pretty quiet when we started at 7:30, but was more active (including the two birds mentioned above) on our return at 9:30. Maybe the sun hitting that section of creekbed helped increase insect activity?

* A female/immature Yellow-headed Blackbird associating with a Brown-headed Cowbird flock in the grassy area in the State Beach campground east of the lagoon.

* A Wandering Tattler associating with a group of Willets on the beach east of the lagoon. Rob and I were both struck by how it never bobbed its tail. Maybe it was peer pressure; trying to fit in with the Willets. :-)

John Callender

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