Advice for warbler scouting near Carpinteria?

John Callender

It's exciting, but also a little frustrating, to hear about so many warblers being seen in places like Winchester I, Evergreen, and Alice Keck. I'm looking forward to getting up there when I have time, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone could offer tips on what sorts of things I could look for to try to find locations with lots of warblers closer to Carpinteria.

Places I'm already checking out:

* Carpinteria Creek from Carpinteria Avenue south to the ocean.
* The "police station tams" near Tee Time at the Carpinteria Bluffs.
* The eucs along Santa Monica Creek south of El Carro Lane.
* Padaro Lane (I've only really checked the south/east end of that, near the railroad crossing, so far. Is the area north/west of there with the beach parking lot potentially worthwhile?)
* Franklin Park and the adjacent Latter Day Saints Church parking lot -- I haven't actually checked this one lately, but I will now that I've remembered it.

Are there other good warbler spots people can suggest down here in the southeast part of the county?

In terms of scouting, would it be worth my visiting spots with big eucs to look for signs of psyllid infestation? If so, what should I actually be looking for? Is it possible to rate a tree just by inspecting the foliage for lerps? Or is it more a question of well, does it have a bunch of warblers in it?


John Callender

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