Romero Canyon hawkwatch this afternoon

John Callender

I hiked up the Romero Canyon trail to the hawkwatch site above Bella Vista Drive this afternoon and watched from about 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

I had one flyby of a possible Broad-winged Hawk. The bird was below eye level and most of my photos only showed its upper side, but it angled a bit toward the end to give a view of the underparts. I'd be grateful for input on the ID. Photos are in this list:

Besides the hawkwatch proper, I also counted birds on the hike up and the hike back down:

Hike up:
Hike down:

Total raptor counts across all three lists are below. I tried to avoid double-counting, but the accipiter count may be a bit inflated since they were flying both east and west and I counted them both ways.

Broad-winged (?): 1
Sharp-shinned/Coopers: 3
Sharp-shinned: 16
Cooper's: 9
Red-tailed: 4
Northern Harrier: 1
Red-shouldered Hawk: 1 (heard calling from the residential area below)
American Kestral: 3
Turkey Vulture: 12


John Callender

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