Re: Romero Canyon hawkwatch this afternoon

John Callender

One more followup: I went back to look more closely at the sequence of photos, including a number that I shot at the beginning that I didn't upload to the eBird list. I didn't upload those photos originally because I hadn't yet zoomed the camera in all the way so the bird was very small in the frame compared to some of the later shots. But in looking at those images again I noticed something: The first shot in the sequence shows both the bird in question and, at the very top of the frame, the accipiter it was associating with. Based on binocular views I had after both birds passed I believe that bird was a Cooper's Hawk.

Both birds were roughly the same distance away when I took the shot. The Cooper's may have been slightly closer, but I don't think by much. When I cropped the image to show the two birds next to each other it does a good job conveying the sense I had at the time that the buteo was substantially smaller than the Red-tailed Hawks I'd been looking at.

I've added that comparison shot to the end of the sequence at the eBird list:

Joan Lentz emailed me earlier today to mention that the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory had its biggest day so far for Broad-winged Hawks today: 48 birds, including some adults. So at least some of those are hopefully heading our way. I will be out of the area tomorrow afternoon, but I'm hoping to head back to the Romero hawkwatch site Tuesday afternoon.

John Callender

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