Broad-winged Hawk over my driveway!!

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
I don’t expect you to believe this: but Libby Patten and I were standing in my driveway after she dropped me off from our time in Ventura at the science lectures for WFO (what a neat organization that is, you should all be members — very tops), and we looked up and saw a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk circling overhead, which was being chased by a crow, and we talked about that - chit-chat, chit-chat, and then we looked up again and a kettle of about 7 Turkey Vultures was building up over head and Libby said: What’s that little one with them? And I had my binocs, looked at the small buteo, all white underneath, with black wingtips, and I started jumping up and down saying “That’s a Broad-winged Hawk!” right over my driveway in Montecito.
Then I called Conor Scotland whom I knew was up at the Bella Vista Hawkwatch spot, & told him to look southeast. But seriously, I think this bird was too low and too far out on the coastal plain for him to be able to see it.
So that’s my crazy day, aren’t we glad we’re birders? Just so confusing to know what route these hawks are taking. This sighting was at 4:45 pm this afternoon.

Joan Lentz

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