hawkwatch finished for the season?

Joan Lentz (cox.net address)

Hi All:
Today I and Marilyn were the only hawkwatchers, which is fortunate because there wasn’t much going on.
From 3-4:45 pm we were at the Bella Vista Dr. overlook spot, and the most remarable sighting was a flock of 16 Common Ravens coming over the ridge, then heading swiftly east.  I’m told that ravens don’t migrate, but I’ve never seen that many in a kettle on this side of the S.Y. Mtns.  And yes, I know they’re getting more easily seen here in S.B. County, but I felt this many was an unusual sighting.
Add three Red-tailed Hawks, a Sharpie, and a Cooper’s Hawk and you have the day’s totals.
Good birding!
Joan Lentz

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