Re: Pinyon Jays reported at Miguelito Road near Sudden Road

Dave Compton

Thanks, John.

A little more on this. First off, sincere apologies for getting the location slightly wrong--the birds crossed San Miguelito Road NORTH of Sudden Road, not south. But the general direction they went is correct--they flew west into the Honda Creek watershed, in the direction of Vandenberg. Also, I think my description of the call as rising and plaintiff was probably wrong, as people who know Pinyon Jay calls better than I do will probably tell you. But the call I heard, given in flight, was a single note, or a sort of bent note that changed in pitch and was quite nasal. It was the call that first alerted me to the birds, which were about a quarter mile away when I first spotted them. These birds are extraordinarily far off course. We do have several records (30+ years old) from Goleta, but today's birds were another 40 or 50 miles farther west.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 11:06 AM John Callender <jbc@...> wrote:
Dave Compton requested the following be posted to the list:

"I believe I just had 18 pinyon jays flying west over Miguelito Rd south of the intersection with Sudden. They went over the hill, continuing west, into the Honda side, toward Vandenberg. Larger blue birds giving very nasal, rising, plaintive call... The sighting was a bit distant but I think unmistakable."

John Callender

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