Blue-winged Warbler seen by Jim Moore today

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All: I was able to make contact with Jim Moore, who’s fiancée owns a condo on Carp Crk, and he reports that he searched the creekbed much of the morning without any luck, but sometime in mid-afternoon, he and Debbie, his fiancée, saw the bird fly in with a flock of Bushtits. It was near the parking lot of their condo complex, the one with the dark wood finish to it. Her condo looks out over the creek.
Jim won’t be there most of the day tomorrow, & I think we should be careful about trespassing, but IF the Blue-winged is still around, it may have changed its habits & be wandering a bit away from the creek.
Good luck, stay safe, and perhaps the Blue-winged will stay another day to give us all a thrill. Who knows?
Joan Lentz

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