today at Carp Creek

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Today Larry Ballard and I birded Carp Creek for over 2 hours without finding the Blue-winged Warbler. However, we ran into John and Ann Doty, who said they’d seen a good candidate for the bird, and they had some photos. I am hoping they will submit those with their eBird checklist. They were standing about 10 yds. north towards the Carp Ave. bridge from the run-down wooden shed, when they had the bird. That is as far north as its been, I believe.
Also, we had a problematic flycatcher that Larry and I at first thought was a Hammond’s, but after consideration I am putting it down as an Empid sp. on my eBird list. The bill was completely orange and wide-based, just seemed too long for a Hammond’s. And also the primary projection didn’t seem long enough on this bird, which appeared long-tailed to me. These were instant views of a bird straight overhead, & I am not comfortable with identifying it. I do know that a Hammond’s was seen a couple of days ago on the creek, but this may or may not be it. I apologize to the Dotys, because at the time I told them what I thought it was, and it mayn’t be. If they put it on their eBird list, it may be in error.
Larry and I found the creek to be somewhat less birdy than over the weekend, but of course just because the Blue-winged Warbler has gotten harder doesn’t mean it’s gone. Jon Dunn reminded me of one of this species that had wintered in Humboldt County! So, we should keep a watch out & perhaps this bird will stick around!

Good birding!
Joan Lentz

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