north of the RR tracks down by Chase Palm Park

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
This morning Mark Holmgren and I sort of “discovered” a place that might be productive for birds as we go into the winter season and begin to think about our CBCs and good places to bird.
We walked from west to east in Chase Palm Park, which was boring, but then, in order to get the light behind us, we walked north along Calle Cesar Chavez, then east along the RR tracks back towards Laguna Creek.
This “new” spot is a bit of restored habitat, well-watered, that lies directly south of the new “desal” plant. Its fenced, of course. There are all sorts of nice shrubs thriving there, and Mark and I believe that we had a Western Kingbird perched on the fence looking in from the RR tracks. The whole place was very birdy indeed. Lots of elderberry bushes, other native shrubs, sparrows, Cassin’s Kingbird, Say’s Phoebe.
Going further along, the willows and reeds at Laguna Creek (I believe this is the one that goes out at the “East Beach outfall” as we call it) held numerous Yellow-rumps and a few common warblers bathing. ANYTHING COULD DROP IN at these two fairly coastal spots, so just a heads up!
You can see our report on e-Bird.

Joan Lentz

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