New County eBird Reviewers Announcement

Jamie Chavez


I wanted to share the news that recently two additional reviewers for SBA have been added: Mark Holmgren and Nick Lethaby have both volunteered to be eBird reviewers for our area. This territory includes the county mainland and the Channel Islands within SBA. Along with Peter Gaede and myself as continuing reviewers and Wim van Dam as our county Hotspot editor, we have a really solid team in place to review and manage much of the eBird checklist data that comes in. 

eBird receives its fair share of criticism while at the same time provides birding data like no other system available which is why it has become so popular so having the added help will be a huge benefit to those of you who participate in eBird and rely on the information. I occasionally receive email outside of the eBird review process when someone discovers erroneous information such as obvious misidentifications, high counts without comments, distance and location issues, etc., and now there will be additional local expertise to handle these problems. We ask that you continue to notify one of us when you find such problems so we can address it. We are all users of eBird (volunteering as reviewers) so we want it to be as accurate as possible. This is a team effort and we also thank you for your participation and accuracy which makes our job easier! Thanks again to Nick and Mark for helping out.

Good birding,
Jamie M. Chavez
Santa Maria, CA

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