Bird Refuge and North Campus Open Space this morning

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Just wanted to give an update about the presence or I should say absence of any kind of Tropical Kingbird during my brief chase down there this morning. As you heard from Brad Schram, an out-of-town birder thought he might have heard the vocalization of a Couch’s Kingbird.
Indeed, we know there’ve been a number of kingbirds at the Bird Refuge (and elsewhere!) so this should definitely be investigated.
Warning: bring your camera! And be sure that the bird you hear vocalizing LOOKS LIKE A TROPICAL KINGBIRD, and is not a Cassin’s or even a Western Kingbird. Both the latter can make similar calls to Couch’s Kingbird. This is a very tricky i.d., but it is certainly POSSIBLE.
Our problem today was dense fog, which seems to have rolled in right about 11 a.m. & was still there when I left around 12:30. Visibility was terrible.
With the weekend coming up, I’m hoping that many of you will undertake to see if there’s a bird down there that looks like a Tropical Kingbird (however, note several small differences) but that vocalizes like a Couch’s.
Moving to more mundane, but fabulous birding: I had my first taste of the new habitat created at North Campus Open Space this morning. It is open to the public (dogs on leash) & is absolutely gorgeous, filled with birds! Go visit soon, bring a scope if you can, but it’s neat with just binoculars! I can’t wait to see what will turn up when the vegetation fills out. The shorebird habitat is excellent, too.
Good birding!

Joan Lentz

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